T     H     E          M     A     D     D     O     X          G     R     O     U     P,          I     N     C.

Get Faster Decisions, by Corinne Maddox, CCM, CFM

The annual owner survey by Construction Management Association of America reported that in 2006 the single most urgent improvement needed in the construction process was reported to be "timelier decision making by owners" (cited by 80% of respondents). The root cause of why it is hard to get decisions is that those asking don't understand what the decision maker needs to make the decision - the recommendation is not compelling enough or lacks information they need. Executives they usually want the information to show "return on investment" (a percent) or simple payback (usually in years). If decisions defy logic or aren't being made, look for unknown factors - maybe the organization is about to change or there is a new corporate direction. There may be things you are not authorized to know. For lower rank decision makers, provide the proper decision making resources - pros & cons, and effects on schedule, budget, quality, etc. Inform the decision maker what will happen if the decision is not made in a timely manner. Don't forget we are all human. Often respectful reminders and deadlines are necessary to get the results you want.

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