T     H     E          M     A     D     D     O     X          G     R     O     U     P,          I     N     C.

Construction Ethics - See no evil. Hear no evil. Say no evil. by Corinne Maddox, CCM, CFM

What is the right thing to do? It seems that everyone knows that unethical practices go on, yet the majority are silent. Our childhood conditioning that prohibits "tattling", and the desensitization caused by highly publicized scandals have contributed to an environment that "anything goes" or "it's none of my business". We have become accustomed to or even expect cheating, lying, stealing, bribery and fraud in their many forms.

I believe this kind of behavior is our business. Many books have been written about the highly interdependent systems that govern our world and its inhabitants - environmental, financial, political, social, and even spiritual. We know environmental corruption leads to our diseases, corporate greed leads to our unemployment and individual financial loss, and the proliferation of poverty leads to more crime and social unrest which breeds fear, hate and resentment. The world and its inhabitants are one. When one part goes awry, sooner or later, we all suffer.

What can one person do against such odds? Open your eyes, ears and mouths! Object and refuse to cooperate in activities that make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid situations that you would not want your colleagues, boss or children to know about. Enforce your company's contracts and ethics policies. Stand behind your own moral principles. Honor your commitments, and seek out those who honor theirs. Practice fairness and good will, and that is what you will receive in return.

F   A   C   I   L   I   T   Y       P   L   A   N   N   I   N   G           P   R   O   J   E   C   T       M   A   N   A   G   E   M   E   N   T           C   O   N   S   T   R   U   C   T   I   O   N       M   A   N   A   G   E   M   E   N   T