T     H     E          M     A     D     D     O     X          G     R     O     U     P,          I     N     C.

F  r  e  q  u  e  n  t  l  y     A  s  k  e  d     Q  u  e  s  t  i  o  n  s

What does a professional Project Manager do?
The Maddox Group serves as your project representative to plan and manage the entire process, from initial planning strategies and site selection through design, construction, furniture, equipment and move-in. We administer the multitude of project contracts and services; control and troubleshoot cost, schedule and quality issues; and guide the process to assure your project and business objectives are met.

What do these services cost?
While fees vary substantially with the size and scope of the project, they are typically only 1 to 5% of project costs, a substantial return on investment compared to the 15 to 25% cost savings that can be achieved on a typical project. With well developed templates and resources, The Maddox Group can complete the work in a fraction of the time required by inexperienced staff.

Why is another consultant necessary?
In addition to architecture, engineering and construction, there are dozens of project components and contracts that must be planned and integrated throughout the project duration. Architects and engineers have limited expertise in cost, schedule and contracting issues. In addition, construction contractors and developers employ highly developed techniques to maximize their profits, and an experienced professional is necessary to protect your interests.

Can't our in-house staff handle it?
A relocation or large project is usually a rare event for an organization to undertake. Staff who do not have strong experience in projects of similar type, of similar scale, in the local market will not be aware of the opportunities and discounts available in every area, the multitude of pitfalls, the best consultants and contractors, and the contract terms and conditions necessary to achieve the best results. This can mean millions of dollars lost, missed deadlines and political disaster. Our involvement will assure smooth and positive experience for your company.

Is a PM consultant needed before the site is purchased or leased?
Once contracts are signed, many of the major cost, schedule and project parameters are set in stone. If involved early, we can help you take advantage of opportunities for lower costs, shorter schedules and higher quality. We can help avoid catastrophes such as a site that is the wrong size, seller construction restrictions and hidden fees, site utility and environmental issues, and contract terms that are unfavorable to you. We can be the catalyst to identify and resolve difficult issues, assuring a timely execution of the contracts and services.

How can you help us get a good start?
The Maddox Group has a unique strength in strategic real estate planning to identify and analytically address your project requirements and delivery alternatives. Your objectives are clarified, space requirements are validated, subjective issues are quantified, location criteria are prioritized, and decisions become easy.

Are all project management services the same?
There are wide variations in style, priority and scope of these services. Many professionals limit services to the construction phase, others to design and construction phases. Project managers with backgrounds in construction often relate more to the contractor than to owner priorities, and there are significant distinctions in the level of documentation and oversight. Our staff backgrounds as end users guarantees comprehension of an owner's needs and opportunities, yet our experience in architecture, construction and development give us the ability to orchestrate complex projects with skill and efficiency. Our comprehensive services cover all coordination from pre-site selection through move-in, insuring a seamless process, while reducing owner staffing requirements. As a company where project management services are our core business, with our strong conflict of interest policies, you are assured that The Maddox Group will maintain the highest objectivity and focus until the last issue is resolved.

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