T     H     E          M     A     D     D     O     X          G     R     O     U     P,          I     N     C.

E  X  P  E  R  I  E  N  C  E

Advanced Technologies, Inc.
  Drilling Control Facility, Saudi Arabia
  Drilling Control Facility, Lafayette, LA
Alliance Engineering
  Misc. Renovation Projects, Houston Headquarters
  16430 Park Ten Place Facility, 9K SF
  Headquarters Renovation, 55K SF
  Headquarters Restack, 55K SF
  16430 Park Ten Place, Facility, 18K SF
American Trading Real Estate
  Speculative Office Building, Plano, TX, 175K SF
Aronex Pharmaceuticals
  Hdqtr./Research Facility, Build-to-Suit, Houston, TX, 30K SF
Bob Britt & Associates, Condition Assessment
  Crystal Park Plaza, College Station, TX, 120K SF
BP America, Houston, TX
  Curtainwall Recaulking/Resealing, Westlake 1 & 2 Highrises
  Garage Post Tension Repair, Westlake Campus, $115K
  Westlake 1, Computer Room HVAC Modifications, $135K
  Smoking Gazebo, Westlake 1
  Chiller Repiping/Riser Modifications, $43K
  Deep Water Production, Multi-Asset Operations Ctr, 40K SF
  Deep Water Production, Restack, 150K SF
  Deep Water Development, Restack, 4 Floors
  GPM&S Experimental Office Prototype, 15K SF
  BP Legal Department, 21K SF
Bush Intercontinental Airport-Othon PM Team
  Terminal C Re-Roofing
  Central Plant Expansion, $75M
  Central Plant CHW/HTW; Lines Term B to C, C to E, $50M
  Terminal C Restrooms Renovation
  Consolidated Rental Car Access Roads & Overpass
  Terminal C Gate and Interior Renovation
  Terminal C Pedestrian Bridge and West Facade Expansion
  Consolidated Rental Car Bldg, Garage & Maint. Facility, $100M
  Headquarters Highrise MEP Upgrade
  Fitness Center, Downtown Headquarters
  Cafeteria, Downtown Headquarters
  Briarpark Campus, 20+ Renovation & Relocation Projects
  Bellaire Campus, 10+ Renovation & Relocation Projects
City Of Burlington
  Burlington House, Hotel/Senior Housing Feasibility Study, $15M
City of Houston - Greyhawk Pjt. Mgmt. Team
  New Fire Station 33
  New Fire Station 83
  New Fire Station 86
  New Fire Station 94
  New Fire Station 27, $3.6M
  Replacement of HFD approach slabs for 6 Fire Stations, $89K
  Roof Replacements for 7 Fire Stations, $334K
  Fire Training Academy Drill Tower, Roof Replacement
  Scenic Woods Branch Library Renovation, $680K
  Stanaker Roof Replacement, $107K
  Kashmere Gardens Branch Library Rehabilitation, $1.36M
  African-American Archive and Cultural Center Renovation
   Carnegie Branch Library Rehabilitation, $1.9M
  Looscan Branch Library and E-Library prototype, $560K
  Johnson Branch Library Repairs, $1.1M
  Smith Branch Library, Additional Parking, $330K
  Jesse Jones Central Library Renovation, $11M
  John P. McGovern Stella Link Branch Library, New, $3.4M
  Park Place Regional Branch Library Rehabilitation, $1M
  Heights Branch Library Rehabilitation, $900K
  Mancuso Branch Library Rehabilitation, $990K
City of Houston - Hanscomb Pjt. Mgmt. Team
  Riverside Multi-Service Center Roof Replacement
  Animal Control BARC Renovation
  Animal Control BARC Roof Replacement
  Southwest Multi-Service Center
  West End Health Center Renovation
  North Stadium Drive Cooling Tower
  Lyons Health Center Renovation
  West side Multi-Service Center Roof Replacement
  North Stadium Drive Garage
  Metropolitan Multi-Service Center Showers
  Kelley Service Center Roof Replacement
  Municipal Court Master Plan
City of Houston - Stern & Bucek Arch Team
  Miller Outdoor Theater, $1.2M, Cost Est. & Constr.Mgmt
Continental Airlines
  Bag Room Air Conditioning, IAH Term. C, Houston, TX
  Capital Project Quarterly Reports
  Bag Room Expansion, IAH Term. C, Houston, TX, $16.4M
  Corporate Design & Construction Project Reporting System
Corestaff Services
  Headquarters Facility, Houston, TX, 47K SF
Devon Energy
  New Furniture Program, Houston, TX, $2.5M
  Headquarters Facility, Houston, TX, 60K SF
  Furniture & Art Liquidation, Houston, TX, $30K
  Office Consolidation Project, Houston, TX
  Install/Revise Signage with new Logo, TX & NM, 43 Sites
  Interior Signage & Exterior Monument Sign, Houston, TX
  New Signage Program, Texas Region
  Furniture Standards Program, Houston, TX
  Records Storage Center Buildout, Houston, TX, 40K SF
  Computer Aided FM System. Selection & Implementation
  New Field Office Bldg., Farmington, NM
  Offshore Platform Furniture Upgrades, 500 Sites
  Devon Energy Tower Art Consolidation, Houston, TX
  Office Renovation & Roof Repair, Canadian, TX
  Office Build-to-suit, Canadian, TX
  2 Allen Center Renovation/Restack, Houston, TX, 8 Floors
  3 Allen Center Renovation/Restack, Houston, TX, 4 Floors
  Field Office Buildout, McAlester, TX
  Accounting Dept. Relocation, Houston, TX, 55 Offices
  High Density File Room Renovation, Houston, TX
  Cable Management System, CAD Documents & Survey
Energy Corridor Management District of Harris Co.
  Street Improvement Project, $9M, Condition Assessment,
    Cost Estimating & Bond Preparation
EOTT Energy
  Headquarters Consolidation Study, Houston, TX, 80K SF
  Headquarters Facility, Houston, TX, 70K SF
Ft. Bend County
  Sienna Plantation Library, 46,000 SF
FMC Technologies
 Corporate Office Renovation, 125K SF
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
  Facilities Office Building & Warehouse, Fairfax, VA, 40K SF
  University Center Interiors, Fairfax, VA, 320K SF
GTE / Project Planning Group
  Phase 2 GTE Wireless Call Center, Houston, TX, 25K SF
  McArthur Ridge Office Building, Irving, TX, 250K SF
  Phase 1 GTE Wireless Call Center, Houston, TX, 75K SF
  World Headquarters Master Plan, Irving, TX, 56 Acres
Houston Airport System, IT Pjts. - Othon PM Team
  HOU Central Concourse at HOU
  Interim Relocation Package at HOU
  Southwest Airlines Tenant Improvements at HOU
  Central Plant Equipment Chilled/Hot Water Loop at IAH
  Central Plant Equipment Upgrade at IAH
  Central Plant CHW/HTW Lines Terminal B to C at IAH
  Central Plant CHW/HTW Lines Terminal C to E at IAH
  Civil Site Dev. For New Consolidated Rental Car Facility at IAH
  Rental Car Site Utilities & Roads at IAH
  Terminal C Interior Utility Upgrade
  Terminal E
  FIS Garage
  ISEP/FIS Building Superstructure
  Tunnel to Terminal E, FIS Found./Exc./Site Utilities at IAH
  Air Rescue Fire Fighting Stations 54, 92 & 99
  Air Rescue Fire Fighting Stations Utilities
  Runway 8L-26R
  APM (Maintenance Facility)
  APM Station & Platform (Terminal D/FIS)
  Runway 15R Widening & Extensions
  New Cargo Infrastructure at IAH
  HAS Administration Building, Parking & Utilities
  HAS Administration Building Renovation, Expan. & Addition
  Continental Cargo Building
  Verizon Tenant Improvement Project
  Temporary Command Center
  Demolition of Concourse B and Comm. Ductbank
  Terminal C Pedestrian Bridge
  New North R/W 8L-26R & Parallel T/W at IAH
  Terminal B & C North Ramp Expansion at IAH
  Taxiway SD Bridge at IAH
  North Apron Environmental Protection System at HOU
  Wendy's Food Court Tenant Improvement Pjt.
Houston Convention Ctr Hotel - Gilbane PM Team
  Hilton Hotel, 1.2M SF, 1200 Rooms, $285M
  Parking Garage, 1600 spaces
Houston I.S.D., Houston, TX - Gilbane PM Team
  Move management services:
  DeBakey High School Renovation, $7.5M
  Wheatley High School Replacement, $35M
  Reagan High School Replacement, $30M
  High School for the Perf. & Visual Arts Replacement, $25M
  Pershing Middle School Replacement, $11.5M
  Travis Elementary School Replacement, $9M
  7 Pre-K Facilities, $.7M
  Gregory-Lincoln Middle School Replacement, $11M
  Twain Elementary School Replacement, $9M
  Carnegie School Addition
  Sterling High School, $1.36M
  Robert E. Lee High School, $2M
  Cunningham Elementary School, $371K
IVI International, Conditions Assessments
  Heritage Hills Apartments, Helena, AK, 110 Units
  Helena Skilled Care Facility, Helena, AK, 110 Beds
  Helena Intermediate Care Facility, Helena, AK, 75 Beds
  Marianna Skilled Care Facility, Marianna, AK, 140 Beds
Japanese Consulate
  Tenant Buildout, 17,000 SF
Lone Star College System, The Woodlands, TX
  Bond Program Planning, $420M program
MD Anderson, Houston, TX - OFIS Team
  Cancer Prevention Bldg. Furniture Planning, Inventory, $391K
Medical Clinics of Houston, Houston, TX
  Clinic/Office Building, 125K SF
  Parking Garage, 500-car
Mental Health & Mental Retardation of Harris Co.
  Northwest Office/Clinic Renovation & Parking Expansion
Metropolitan Transit Authority - Othon PM Team
  Light Rail Terminal Stations, $19M
Mitchell Energy
  Field Office, Decatur,TX
  Headquarters Renov/Restack, The Woodlands, TX, 103K SF
  New Mobile Filing System, Bridgeport,TX, $20K
  Field Office Relocation, Sundown, TX, $15K
  Office Consolidation Project, Bryan & Lyons, TX
  Headquarters Consolidation, The Woodlands, TX, 250K SF
  Gas Plant Office Renovation, Bridgeport,TX, $250K
  Wellness Center, The Woodlands, TX
  Office Expansion, Fort Worth, TX, $1M
  North Texas Furniture Warehouse, Bridgeport,TX, $20K
  Field Office Design/Buildout, Artesia, NM, 10K SF
  Headquarters Restack, The Woodlands, TX, 250K SF
  Production Office Expansion, Bridgeport,TX, $120K
  Safety Training Building Renovation, Bridgeport,TX, $20K
  Furniture & Art Liquidation, The Woodlands, TX, $50K
  ROW & Constr. Office Renovation., Bridgeport,TX, $180K
  Gas Pipeline Field Office, Ponder, TX, $230K
  Office Standards Program, The Woodlands, TX
  New Mobile File Room, Mineral Wells, TX
  Regional Office Design/Renovation, Midland, TX, 15K SF
  Records Storage Facility Expansion, 50K SF
  New Monument Signs, The Woodlands, TX, $9K
  HVAC Retro/Water Damage Proj., The Woodlands, TX, $57K
  N Tex. Reg. Operation Consolidations, Bridgeport,TX, $4.5M
  New Parking Lot, Bridgeport,TX, $70K
  New Gas Labs & I&E Shop, Bridgeport,TX, $250K
  Entrance Plaza Renovation, The Woodlands, TX, $150K
  Misc. Facilities Special Projects, All North Texas Offices
  Records Purging Program, 250,000 SF, $14K
  Art & Furniture Inventory, The Woodlands, TX, $28K
  Production Service Yard, Bridgeport,TX
  Field Office Relocation, Artesia, NM, 35 emp.
Parker Drilling Company
  Headquarters Buildout, 67,000 SF
Shell Oil Company
  Headquarters Restack/Renovation, New Orleans, LA, $24M
  Executive Floor Renovation, New Orleans, LA.
  Retail Solutions Call Center Project, Houston, TX, $1.8M
St. Luke's Medical Center, Houston, TX
  Allison Flood Recovery, Medical Center Facility
St. Agnes Academy, Houston, TX
  Value Engineering & Plan Audit, New Science Building, $11M
Tanox Pharmaceuticals
  Development Plan & Site Evaluation
The Methodist Hospital, Houston Medical Center
  Code Upgrade Project, Campus-Wide
  Signage Upgrade Project, Campus-Wide
  Full Day Project Management Training Program
  Commissioning for 324K SF Research Institute
  Commissioning for 1.4M SF Ambulatory Care Facility
  ADA Survey & Modifications to All Public Areas
  Cost Estimating & Program Development, Numerous Projects
  Occupancy Phase & Move Management, Numerous Projects:
  Jones 8, 9 & 10 Patient Floors
  Psychiatric Floor Nurse Station
  Medical Records Department
  Dietary Services Department
  Dwyers Conference Room
  Smith 5 Baylor Cardiology Clinic
  Quality Management Department
  Quality & Utilization Management Department
  Nursing Education Department
  CRNA Locker Rooms & Lounge
  International Patient Services
  Main 8 NW Renovation/FF&E
  Visiting Nurses Station Recarpeting
  Main 8 Bone Marrow Treatment Center
Time Warner Cable
  Test Fit Site Plans, 4 Sites
  Houston Region Master Facility Plan, 61 Sites
University of Houston
  Science, Engineering and Classroom Building, $51M
  Campus Infrastructure Upgrade Evaluation
  New Dormitory Planning
  Downtown Academic Bldg. & Parking Garage, $30M, 132K SF
  Parking Garage Addition & Retail Buildout, Signage & Art
  Optometry Renovation
  MD Anderson Library Expansion
  Burdette Keeland Design Center Addition, $1.2M, 6K SF
  Law School Remodel Projects
  Athletic Facilities Assessment & Upgrades
  Sugar Land Campus Planning & Upgrades, $35M
  Moores Music School Renovation & Structural Repairs, $500K
  Chemical Engineering Building Remodel
  Wortham Bulding Fire System
  Art School Hardware Replacements
  Deferred Maintenance Assessment & Cost Estimate
  Robertson Stadium Camera Tower, $190K
  College of Architecture Admin. Offices, $250K, 3K SF
  Mech Annex Upgrades
University of Texas Medical Branch
  Multiple Renovation Projects & Moves, Galveston, TX
University of Texas/MD Anderson, Houston, TX
  Patient Care Tower, Research Bldg, Clinic Svc Bldg, 970K SF
  Master Project Schedule
  Equipment/Furnishings Procurement Program
  Institution-wide Wayfinding Program
  Building Activation & Commissioning Program
Uptown Mgmt District - Cobb Findley CM Team
  Richmond Transit Center
  Galleria-area Bus Stops, 28 Stops, 16 Shelters

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